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ThePresident (Level 8) 2020-11-04
It was made 4 years ago but now everyone are playing it! Great!
Filippo (Level 8) 2020-10-28
wow very funny game
Coopa (Level 10) 2020-08-20
over 5000 players! Congratulations!
pooler22 (Level 4) 2017-07-30
nice style
Eugor (Level 13) 2016-12-26
merry christmas!
Mosul (Level 8) 2016-12-16
nice updates!
iamhere (Level 12) 2016-12-05
Oh, but it has also the touchscreen! So good!
GInTheShell94 (Level 8) 2016-12-03
I love your games because you updates them often ! :)
iamhere (Level 12) 2016-12-02
a good start ! improve your pixel art ;)
Zexon (Level 2) 2016-11-29
"Amazing! 10/10"
SwordMan (Level 8) 2016-11-27
now the ux is very nice. Improve also the towers ! :D
Crazy Player GM (Level 7) 2016-11-21
add touch control !
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