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HappyTriangle (10 Gems) 2018-12-31

Where's the download button?

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RalphW (469 Gems) 2018-12-06

funny plot! Good work! I played also your other game, but this is your best one. Just finished!

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Jerjero (51 Gems) 2018-10-15

Does anyone know why hte game keeps crashing, and how to prevent it from doing so?

KusuguriTickle (11 Gems) 2018-08-30

Hi, so I'm kinda stuck in the prison with the orc. Basically, I'm rogue and I'm so under-leveled and with 2 red potions that I cannot beat the fight (My only party member is Angela, speaking of which, how do I get other party members?). Also I can't use the return charm so I'm stuck, is there anything I can do?

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Supersnake (37 Gems) 2018-08-01

It keeps telling me that it failed to load audio/bgm/03_sorrow.m4a can you help me out

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IonHat (58 Gems) 2018-06-01

My games keeps crashing before I've even started. In Firefox for some reason it lasts a bit longer but eventually crashes as well. What should I do?

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dragondemon (31 Gems) 2018-03-26

I can't find the download button .

Helyees (465 Gems) 2017-12-20

Ooh! Si beautiful!

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Gabriel Profile (83 Gems) 2017-12-20

When I download it, I don't see the actual game... Help?

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Jkid (40 Gems) 2017-06-16

I'm new to this kind of stuff so someone's gonna need to walk me through how to download this mobily

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darwinthegrey (611 Gems) 2017-06-06

Nice :)

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the ugly truth (2187 Gems) 2017-03-11

It's a classic RPG... But it's developed very well!

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