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When Angela, an air-headed but kind-hearted young woman accidentally becomes a Monster Girl Hunter, her life takes a rather...unexpected turn. As a Monster Girl Hunter, it's Angela's duty to take on Jobs to protect the citizens of the world from the nefarious Monster Girls. The Monster Girls, however, have a peculiar obsession...they love tickling their prey!
Chapter 3 is still underway! Sorry for so long without updates. I've hit a few snags here and there, but I've got a ton of not just new content, but also engine updates and system reworks coming with Chapter 3. Just a few examples are: a new battle hud, a hidden Steal system, a complete graphic overhaul (Combat and Faces only, not sprites unfortunately), and more! Thank you...
Who Hunts Monsters
Who Hunts Monsters
Who Hunts Monsters
Comments (31)
the ugly truth (1762 Gems)
It's a classic RPG... But it's developed very well!
HelloYello123 (31 Gems)
The game forgets all my save files whenever I close my browser. Help.
TheDANNY96 (20 Gems)
Hi! I wanted to ask you something: I finished Chapter 2 and I also defeated the Baleful Queen, but I didn't even started the Titania quest because I didn't figure out at the end of Chapter 1 about the Hardcore quest board. Question is, is there any way to unlock Titania quest even after Chapter 2? Or do I have to restart the game? Great game though, keep up the great work ^^
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