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New Dev Log Update! Atlanits Enemies Show off!
#pixelart #platformer

New Dev Log Update!
#pixelart #cyberpunk

New updates coming soon ot the game! You can checkout the devlog over here:

This update brings a lot of quality control to Ultimate Reality.Bug Fixes:- You can no longer clip through a tile. This was an issue that has been haunting me for MONTHS. If you reach speeds greater than 10 at times, the character would clip and pass right through a platform. That has now been fixed. ​Future Features:
- I will be adding a combo meter that will show your highest combo. This will be added so that the player can try to engage in more fight while moving swiftly in between enemies. Looking foward to showing progress for this!
The mobile version will soon be coming to the Google Playstore and should be available in almost any phone that runs android 7 and up. I am still working and figuring out when to release the Apple version to the store!Stay put and save the dimension!

Updated the game with various bug fixes. Fixed a bug with enemies running of a ledge. Also fixed the detection of turret!

New video showcasing the improved gameplay of Ultimate Reality's Demo:

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! The amount of support I have garnered for Ultimate Reality has been incredible! Thank you for believing in this game and for the amazing feedback! It's been a ride and can't wait to show the rest! #pixelart #platformer #2020 #action #cyberpunk

Added a new update! There is now arial combat and also better controls and better combat system! I will be releasing a video soon showing of the changes!

THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN IS LIVE! You can check the campaign using this link: igg.me/at/urgame If you enjoyed the demo of the game and wish to help out, please consider backing the project at Indiegogo!

The indiegogo campaign will go live tomorrow at 9 AM EST! I will be giving a link to a secret perk through here! Thank you all for playing the demo!

Ulimate Reality will have an Indiegogo Campaign this monday! I will be giving out secret perks to those that are playing the game through this website! Make sure to check it out! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ultimate-reality-a-dimensional-pixelated-adventure/coming_soon #news #cyberpunk #pixelart

FOR MAC USERS: You have to extract the app to the desktop in order for it to work. Happy gaming!

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