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mazzutakgame (Level 13) 2019-11-13
the game is interesting, but i've a lot difficult with controls, maybe i'm not able with this game, the pixel art is very good, but don't like the color contrast, the intro video is very cool, the game is playable with joypad too? for a demo is very good work, i'm waiting update
where_is_love (Level 9) 2019-11-12
Meu Deus do Céu ! Esse jogo é simplesmente um dos games mais bem feitos do game maker. Que jogasso !
wikilox (Level 9) 2019-11-11
Good design, very cool animations. The pixel art is obviously the best part of the game
TenTen92 (Level 10) 2019-11-11
Cyberpunk and pixel art? This is my game! I'm downloading it. I hope to write soon a complete feedback
kalindor (Level 13) 2019-11-11
Your pixel art is on another level. A new competitor for @wolod
lucyinthespace (Level 14) 2019-11-11
Wow.this is an amazing entry!
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