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Coopa (Level 7) 2020-05-25
Great progress!
mTSOULI Profile (Level 9) 2020-04-16
Nice game
MikeyBlighe (Level 4) 2020-02-12
There is so much to like about this game! It's got the old school charm, a wise-cracking protagonist and a tonne of awesome moves to take out the bad guys, along with a variety of different things to do!I struggled to navigate some of the levels, but that's probably just me being dumb! Keep up the awesomeness and can't wait for the full game!
Deneris (Level 15) 2020-01-26
Platform interessante mi piace soprattutto l'animazione iniziale perĂ² penso che debba inserire ancora qualcosa o migliorare che stage se vuole emergere tra i vari giochi
Dazzlinglatte (Level 1) 2020-01-18
Loved the game and the bright colors used were beautiful. I made a let's play!!
Luis (Level 17) 2020-01-13
you have to impove the level design and add more stages. The animations are very good
Kaen999 (Level 18) 2020-01-07
Hello, LinkUpGames, how are you? I tested your game and i found some problems and suggestions: - The tutorial is very cool and helpful but when i tried to L1 (or L2) + square to uppercut the game stopped. - Unfortunately i can't change the controls. I played with a controller but attack button says square, but truly is triangle, finisher says triangle but is circle and circle says slide and dodge but is square button.
Brim (Level 10) 2020-01-01
Completed! I hope to play the full version soon!
F/R Gamer (Level 2) 2019-12-31
The game is perfect enough and pretty good, I like it.
Paul Profile (Level 4) 2019-12-12
Good job
Stefanton (Level 4) 2019-12-11
I really enjoyed the game, Love the Pixelart style and the character (A.K.A. Hawk Man) is really interesting and has a lot of personality!Some places that hurt the designers eye, and was a bit confusing, but overall an awesome game and love spending time in the world.I do have a Let's Play/Review Video out on youtube:
Best IndieGames (Level 14) 2019-12-08
This game is in the video about the 5 Best FREE Games of November 2019
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