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Hello guys? Time for some feedback. What would you add to improve this?
a) Levels with a different map
b) different types of enemies
c) power-ups
d)better visuals
e) in-game currency to unlock different characters with different stats
Thanks for your feedback in advance!

Thanks for the support @Freank !!

Prizes added for whoever wishes to support us!! #Prizes #SupportUs

Happy New Year! Hopefully with Updates after the deadlines!!!!

We have reached 500 players! Thank you so much for your continuous support and apologies for the lack of updates! Has been a very tough year so far time-wise with a lot of night shifts at work and many university deadlines! Hopefully will be getting back to development sometime in the future. Love y'all!

New kickass animated thumbnail! #news #updates

Our website is now live!!
Feel free to support us on our website by leaving a donation, any amount would do, every little helps! Thank yo for your continuous support!

194 Players and counting! Looking forward to the 500 player milestone! Thank you for your support so far! #support #new

Please make sure you RATE & SUBSCRIBE to receive updates for the game in the upcoming weeks.
Your feedback along with your support will help us improve the game and turn it into something beautiful!
SPREAD THE WORD! Give the game a try and see how much you can improve!


We are almost back! Apologies for not having done anything in the past few months, due to personal issues I have been unable to work on the game. I have just uploaded a slightly older version of the game at its full glory. NEW DOWNLOAD LINK FOR BOTH WINDOWS AND MAC!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!
Plans for this year:
• Improve/remove lag
• Make it fix Compatibility issues with Safari
• Turn it into 2D instead of 3D for improved performance
Thank you so much for the support and the constant views, I hope to see more of you try my game.
Feel free and leave feedback as well as your opinion and give this game 5 stars if you believe there is potential, this way I will focus on improving this by adding levels or 'make your own level' instead of working on a new project. Peace and love everybody!!! Peace and Love! #popular #new

Apologies for the inactivity, will be back soon with more updates as soon as deadlines are out of the way!

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