Trump Space Invaders

33 Players

Sekip Games

Android white  Download  External link
Android white  Download  External link
Published on: 2018/08/31



Trump Space Invaders attack to White House! You don't need this game? Wrong. You're wrong. Trump Space Invaders attack to White House! Stand your ground against the Trump space invaders in a classic arcade space shooter and save America. Face big waves of Trump minions and bosses.
Language: English  
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Trump Space Invaders
Trump Space Invaders
Trump Space Invaders
Comments (3)
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sekip (321 Gems) 2018-10-19

Hi guys 👾

I just done some modification for my game Trump Space Invaders Now, I added features like: - north korea leader (as score bonus), - add wall for defend - more sound effects - more visual effects - because before was game too static - Kayne´s iPlane 000000 and customize section My goal is achieve feeling, that killing of trump invaders is satisfaction for you. Also, game includes 9 languages now: EN, CZ, SK, NR, IT, ES, PT, NR, GE, RO

carlsen (300 Gems) 2018-09-16

Can I built a wall?

Fellowplayer Profile (18977 Gems) 2018-09-03

Not even space is safe.

Trump Space Invaders
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