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Published on: 2021/12/24



Play as the unnamed protagonist, who has fallen into what appears to be a medieval castle, in which an unexpected adventure awaits!
Fight your way through five different biomes and find out who is responsible for the downfall of Castle Torhaell.
Torhaell is an #Action-adventure game, with some #Metroidvania elements
Language: English  
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Yahoo (Level 8) 2021-12-29
It's good but I think that you are not showing it in the best way. Very basic. You need few things to show it as a great game. Improve its presentation
Tails_Strife Verified (Level 14) 2021-12-27
I liked it, I'm not a metroidvania fan and to be honest, for my unexperience I get stuck very soon but I wanted to say that this game is very very awesome, funny and with a fair amount of challenge (too much for me, but the problem it's me don't worry) 4/5 stars
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