Tomb Of The Ancients

531 Players - 3 Subscribers
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Published on: 2016/08/30



Venture into the long abandoned tombs of an ancient civilisation to reveal it's many mysteries and the treasures hidden within.A Diablo inspired click-to-move action RPG complete with equippable gear and awesome special attacks and visuals.HINT: Rumor has it, that the tomb contains some extremely rare loot!This game was created in #LDJAM 2016 by a team of five.
Language: English  
Tomb Of The Ancients
Tomb Of The Ancients
Tomb Of The Ancients
Comments (7)
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Deusexmachina (Level 6) 2020-06-26
Great game. A lot of cool stuff.
Myrkvidr (Level 13) 2020-06-12
no sound effects??
Fellowplayer Profile (Level 22) 2018-01-05
I like this 3D style of game.
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