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The Tower of Mu

9 Players
Hardcore platform/action with RPG elements and a Game Boy feeling made with RPG Maker MV.
Language: Italiano   English  
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The game demo was made for IGMC 2018 contest! Please consider voting for us and leave a comment/feebdack!
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The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
Comments (4)
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Fellowplayer Profile (18840 Gems) 2018-12-14

Green is so popular for these style of games

RalphW (469 Gems) 2018-12-06

did you never play tower of druaga? it is a very old namco rpg game. The concept looks like it!

Gatsu87 (3044 Gems) 2018-12-06

I prefered your previous title. It is not so fluid as previousy. even if the arts are better.

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The Tower of Mu
The Tower of Mu
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