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TheBigShow (3118 Gems) 2017-10-18

I love the games with a great message like this! I hope to see soon new titles like it

Staff (3419 Gems) 2017-02-25

We added the #indiepad support :) Try this game using your #android smartphone like a gamepad, downloading the indiepad app :)

Branir Rocos (1324 Gems) 2016-10-05

I hope to see soon a new game made by you ! :D

cema12 (1031 Gems) 2016-09-22

Epic! But very short! You should make a longer version! Is it your first game ? I don't see other games made by u

CUtet92 (755 Gems) 2016-09-17

the end is... O_O

Castor (640 Gems) 2016-09-15

wooooooooooow ! The end!!!! blow my mind!

Cantex76 (697 Gems) 2016-09-08

true story D:

Cange (871 Gems) 2016-09-07

Wow ! Very nice idea and style ! I'm playing it ! Now the only defect found is a too easy text box style ! XD but the game and the idea is amazing ! I'm playing it from my ipad with the touch... can I do this also for the other parts of the game ?

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