Hard Times

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Published on: 2017/04/09



SURVIVE AS A HOMELESS, IN THE GREAT METROPOLIS OF INDIFFERENCE. #survival #urban Hi everybody! It's finally time for some news about the Hard Times project. During the last months the project underwent some critical times, as our former graphic designer quit the team and so, after some indecisions, i was left as the sole active member of the team. After an initial despair moment i took back the project on rails and began a total reboot of the project,... Load more
Hard Times
Hard Times
Hard Times
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Preheated_Panda (31 Gems)

Here is my review of this game, it's impressive for a first time developer, but it needs more content.


TyrionL (1745 Gems)

no news?

TheBigShow (1774 Gems)

nice demo! great work and the city looks huge! so many features and so many skills! It's incredible!

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Hard Times
Hard Times
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