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RealTidus (1784 Gems)

It's very very cool. So many weapons and items! The floors are generated automatically and the style is amazing! You are an artist!

PainGames (757 Gems)

Nice Job.xD

Amir (2845 Gems)

I saw it recently on Steam

the ugly truth (2043 Gems)

Now it's on Steam!

NovoG (1217 Gems)

i played the co-op version... how I can text with my friends... ?

Zsteel (1523 Gems)

it's the best! It's very hard to complete the free levels without save point but... wow! So cool! Amazing work! So professional!

Karma (2528 Gems)

Some of the mechanics are cool. Even if only few characters are very good. I doesn't try the split screen...

idmaker (151 Gems)


Mosul (918 Gems)

Completed! Even if it's only a demo... and when I completed it... ka-boom. XD It's very nice and funny! I'm so curious to see the story mode! gw

GInTheShell94 (984 Gems)

it's an huge game. and it's incredible that it's only an aplha. It's very hard to use the inventory and move at the same time. Good idea to reduce the time when you select an item. It's very good also the possibility to choose the weapon with the mouse. fast and quick. very good ideas in a small game. One of the best on this website !

iamhere (2142 Gems)

I have a dream : streets or rogue open world mmorpg XD. I played it! It's amazing ! I tried only the one player mode. I used the vampire. It's very very cool!

SwordMan (1038 Gems)

Wow ! I'm a drug specialist XD