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Testing out our new Grapple Hook feature

we found a bug in the Boss Battle Eyes of Sveldrak in the Earthen Cave area of Xin. Uploaded a patch. let us know if you run into it

One more update, and hopefully the last? We want this demo so tight before we go forward with development. report bugs, give us your feedback.. tell us a bedtime story.. anything. we want to hear from you.

updates. spells are now learned through discovery rather than level up. please report all bugs. thanks

please leave a comment after you play the demo. we need to know what you think. thanks!

We just published another update. there will be a lot of this until we are totally happy with the demo so we can move on to the rest of the game. Updated Window skins, sound fx is still a work in progress. main title screen refresh.. and fixed a ton of bugs.. please report all bugs, thanks

WE just uploaded a patch. replaced sound fx and new music tracks to balance out the inconsistencies (still a work in progress). New HUD, main menu, title screen, battle hud.. streamlined dialogue and removed several tutorials. balanced out the monster difficulty for level 1. fixed some animations.

We just uploaded a new version of the demo. not much has changed.. just some slight tweaking based on some of the feedback we were getting. No additional content was added but we left some of the new maps open to explore after you finish the demo story. This is still a work in progress, even for just a demo, and it won't be the last verson, so please keep that feedback rolling in. We are about to hit 100 players and are so excited to have you play it.

What do you think about the demo? Follow us on Facebook also

Starcaller Devlog - building the city part 2 - mapping2

I will be documenting certain pieces of the dev process. Here is part 1 which is the first post-demo content in the game, the main city Testralon.

Hi there RPG-heads.. We are getting a lot of action on our new Demo but would love some more feedback.. what do you like about Starcaller? What needs to be improved or added? We are still in early stages so could definitely use some feedback.

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