STALKED Early alpha demo)

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Published on: 2022/07/23



It's a late night and you're returning home from work , you will face your worst nightmares ,Weird things start to happen and you're getting chased by a stalker.Will you escape your home and find out what's happening or just die ?
#horror #scary
Language: English  
News: 2
#horror #spooky #spoopy
STALKED Early alpha demo)
STALKED Early alpha demo)
STALKED Early alpha demo)
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THEKINGSALVO91 New (Level 5) 2022-08-01
bel gioco complimenti
AlanTrabelsi New (Level 2) 2022-07-23
heyyyy this is an early alpha demo from months back so it's a little bit janky and has unavailable places . wanna see what(s up please vsit my twitter or iinstagram for updates @loneaxegames
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