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BilalDroeloe (20 Gems) 2020-01-14

Where is the leaderboard?

Luis (8933 Gems) 2020-01-13

nice design. nice style. but no music and no sounds. good font and easy to play. 4/5

lucyinthespace (2997 Gems) 2020-01-11

On mobile it is very hard

mazzutakgame Profile (3906 Gems) 2020-01-10

i love this little bastard game :-D 5/5

Freank Profile (4444 Gems) 2020-01-09

Very addictive game! you can make it better also adding an 8-bit music and improving the background. 4/5 Easy and funny to play! GJ

FiascoGames (333 Gems) 2020-01-09

very simple and good game, still need some bug fix and some improvements (sfx, ost and maybe better graphic? ^^)

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