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Just released a new build v0.032, contains many fixes and improvements. Checkout the changelog here:

Shawy Adventures is now on Greenlight, please vote here: Thanks!

Just released a new build v0.028, with a new area and many improvements. Checkout the changelog here:

Just uploaded v0.024 with several bugfixes. Changelog (v0.023 to v0.024): - Fixed max attenuation distance for sample player on different resolutions. - Disabled fullscreen option until gets properly fixed on all OSes. - Added a SFX for the slime jump. - Fixed linux build not allowing to change resolutions. - Resolution can only be changed from main menu. - Window resolution will be changed instantly now, no need to restart anymore. - Fixed issue with platforms and jumping. - Fixed issue with collisions and platforms. - Lava will kill you always, even if just hit by something else. - Added an option to change text speed. - Dialogs will show faster now by default, enter will now first show the full text and then skip it. - Fixed bug with jumping and damage throwback. - Fixed issue with continue on some areas.