Serenade of the Sirens Serenade of the Sirens
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Kiko90 (Level 9) 2019-10-31
Any news about this game? I played the demo version during the svilupparty
Songoku (Level 9) 2019-05-27
Just four levels in the full version? :( It will be very short. So nice demo, good shot system
LOL Profile (Level 7) 2019-05-19
What are the grey hearts? The red hearts are the life, but the grey?
franco999 (Level 11) 2019-05-18
Just played the demo! Great work! How many levels in this version? How many in the full?
Agent44 (Level 13) 2019-05-18
I can't exit from the keywords setup. How to do? Did you miss to configure a key to exit?
TenTen92 (Level 9) 2019-04-16
are you adding new stages?
where_is_love (Level 8) 2019-03-23
the new title screen is amazing. no other words
No Signal (Level 6) 2019-01-19
you have a new fan :-)
Multiverse (Level 6) 2019-01-04
how many stages?
RalphW (Level 8) 2018-12-06
watch on youtubeb the underwater level in Commander Keen XD when I played it, I was thinking to that old game!
Gatsu87 (Level 14) 2018-11-28
When my kids saw this game, they said "oh, the game about sheen and shine!" A famous cartoon. I don't know if this is a compliment :D
wikilox Profile (Level 8) 2018-11-14
great design and the gameplay is so nice! Add an Acquaman cameo in the game XD it's good also because it will be soon in the theater! XD
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