Serenade of the Sirens

80 Players
Play as Seika, a mermaid that awakens in an underwater cave unable to remember what has happened before. The one thing she does remember is that the evil sirens have created dissonance in the underwater world. Help her defeat the sirens and restore peace to the once harmonious underwater world.
Language: English  
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0.6.8 So I've been taking some time to plan out and redesign a few things. On the backend I've been testing out new content and will add more once 0.7.x is released. In the mean time, I thought it would be a good idea to patch 0.6.x since I've fixed a few bugs and added a few changes. In 0.6.8 Seika starts with a chargeable projectile attack. Previously the...
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Serenade of the Sirens
Serenade of the Sirens
Serenade of the Sirens
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wikilox Profile (380 Gems) 2018-11-14

great design and the gameplay is so nice! Add an Acquaman cameo in the game XD it's good also because it will be soon in the theater! XD

mazzutakgame Profile (1891 Gems) 2018-11-09

this game is very cute, i love it, good job!!

Coopa (590 Gems) 2018-10-29

Like an old good retro game!

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