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New demo update :
- Various minor tweaks & fixes
- New fully charged slash FX & SFX to make it extra clear!

New demo update :
- Fixed the issue that cosmetics had disappeared from the previous version, now they're back, different, new ones since we changed the system a lot and the unlockables since then.
- Various minor tweaks & bug fixes
- Tweaked a bit the characters' frame data for balancing
That's all folks !
Enjoy the game ;)

New demo version!
Now Amaterasu is playable in the demo!
For the occasion of the ActuGaming French Direct we released a new version of the demo with a new character and optimized stages :)

​So just a new demo version, more optimized, bug corrections, etc... Nothing big this time!
- Changed the lanterns in some stages to have an emissive material instead of a light
- Corrected some stages elements that were not behaving properly during dramatic screens
- Corrected some layering issues
- Optimized some scripts

​Sclash 3.2.7 out!
More optimized, prettier, more polished, now also in French & Russian, and with controller rumbles!
Wishlist the game on Steam, and join our discord server!
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Hello guys!
We're working hard for the early access of the game! (Actually not hard it was holidays but now we are!), and we made a new demo version for the game!
- Reworked character selection
- COSMETICS (Tell us on discord or Twitter if there are cosmetic stuff you'd like to see in Sclash!)
- You can now slice stuff in the stages!
- Overall better look and optimization
Go enjoy it, it's ready for you!
And don't forget to join us on social media and share the game if you like it ;)

The halloween update is here!
If you want to, you can now discover Sclash with a spooky Halloween ambiance with jack'o lanterns!
#halloween #night #spooky #update

New season, new stage, new demo version!
A new demo version of Sclash is available, now the stage o the demo will change depending on the season, so it's currently the stage of Autumn, the battlefield!

A new demo version of Sclash is available, featuring a whole new character: Susanoo!
But also improved graphics, UI, performances, and an AI opponent to play in single player!

YouTube Gameplay

In case you missed it, we have a Steam page, you can wishlist the game there if you like it !

We now also post Sclash news and dev logs on Instagram, if you happen to want to follow us there ^^

Hey, we just opened our Discord server! Join it to participate in playtests, events, submit ideas, support us, follow the making, report bugs, or just talk with the devs and the community!

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