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We are happy to publish our Alpha 0.1 release of Sandman Academy!

This release includes many new features and fixes, below you can find a list for most of them. Keep in mind some glitches might still occur, some more or less game breaking. If you find any, we always appreciate any bug reports!

The updates for Sandman Academy will be a bit slower as we figure out a future for our project now that we have finished our course that this project was a part of here in the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences but keep an eye on our social medias for updates on our game's future!

Have fun, and sweet dreams!

Sandman Academy development team.

New features:

1 new quest -The Principal is watching and judging your performance, you can now hear his comments while playing! (Subtitles included! -Many new objects, see if you can spot them all! -Many new sound effects New HUD elements including icons and button hints for an improved user experience -Glow effect for interactable and quest objects -Credits are now viewable from the Main Menu, see the team behind Sandman Academy!

Bug fixes:

-Sticky jumping is fixed and many more bug fixes and quality of life changes

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New features:

New Sandbox mode, explore the test room freely with no Sleep Slider! 2 new unique quests First person character animations New UI icons Lots of new objects New sound effects and music New 3D menu In-game settings More settings New Contact Us banner Bug fixes:

Account security is improved Lighting is updated (less dark) Account names accept only alphanumericals Optimized framerates Dragging speed increased Toy Blocks have greater mass Clearer hints Updated journal tips Guide updated

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We added some new features to optimize the gameplay.

New features:

Options features: Toggles to turn off volumetric lighting, bloom and motion blur Mouse sensitivity slider Bug fixes:

Jumping glitch after pausing the game is fixed Tutorial texts will now show default keys without assigning button in the options

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