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Subscribers: 6

Pc white Download External link!mfBlVaBC!E1aUSFJuy4ZJut-lUdBnASYiaER66Gk3Qmd7fPJQigU
Pc white Download External link!mfBlVaBC!E1aUSFJuy4ZJut-lUdBnASYiaER66Gk3Qmd7fPJQigU

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Psycologico is 75% off on for the rest of March!

Psycologico has been fully released! Are you ready to play?

Psycologico is on 50% Halloween sale on for only 66 of you! Follow the link and make it yours!

Psycologico is out in early access on!
Make it yours now for 0.50$!

You may noticed, in the last versions of the demo, a bug coming out when you try register in the Main Hall after closing the game and loading from the main menu.
Thanks to a player's reporting, the bug has been fixed and a new version of the demo 1.6 is now available.
The version 1.0 of the game is almost ready, and the game will be showcased at Modena Nerd, on September 16th-17th. See you there.

Psycologico is not so far from its first version to be published.
While waiting, be sure to play and beat the version 1.6 of the demo: now you will be able to send feedback directly to us with an email.
Moreover, those who will collect all the items in the demo will deserve a free key of Psycologico, which they will receive when the game will be published.
What are you waiting for? Download the demo and win a key!

Psycologico - Demo 1.5 is online!
While we finish the game, enjoy the demo with more bug fixes.

Psycologico development is getting closer to its end!
While preparing the last levels, puzzles and locations, we updated the demo again, following the precious feedback of the players.
As always, download the demo now and good things may happen.
What's new:
- AI bug fixes.
- Tile passability bug fixes.
- Minor sound fx update.

Psycologico Demo has been updated to version 1.3! Check it out: good things may happen to those who will download the demo before the release of the final game.
What's new:
- AI bug fixes.
- Smartphone bug fixes.
- Notebook interface improvements.
- Minor bug fixes.

New update for Psycologico Demo!
- Bug fixes

The demo of Psycologico has just been updated! Check it out!
What's new:
- Bug fixes

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