PSI Magic [DEMO]


127 Players
Fantasy RPG game which focuses on the development of the world as the characters interact with it. Perform various side quests which may affect the story, engage in an active battle which allows multiple turns for you (or the enemy) based on AGI (Speed) and utilize unique skills which can even allow for transforming effects.
PC version bug fixed
PSI Magic [DEMO]
PSI Magic [DEMO]
PSI Magic [DEMO]
Comments (4)
Amir (2321 Gems)
A good RPG!
franco999 (1673 Gems)
it's not my favourte genre... but i'm noting that today several players are downloading it! Congratulations! It's very good! Good luck!
the ugly truth (1762 Gems)
Why are there two links to download the android version? So... It looks a classic RPG made with RPG maker... What's new?
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PSI Magic [DEMO]