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The intertwining of the physical and magical worlds. Join Abell Crom on his adventurer as he battles against the group Origin which seems to have a very otherworldly backing. Follow the facebook page PSI Magic for updates leading up to the full version release!
Currently working on at least implementing a draft of the story before completely releasing the demo. Boss shown in video has been updated to use AoE attacks and there is now a hidden boss in the demo available only after clearing a certain condition.
PSI Magic
PSI Magic
PSI Magic
Comments (4)
Amir (2140 Gems)
A good RPG!
franco999 (1420 Gems)
it's not my favourte genre... but i'm noting that today several players are downloading it! Congratulations! It's very good! Good luck!
the ugly truth (1762 Gems)
Why are there two links to download the android version? So... It looks a classic RPG made with RPG maker... What's new?
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PSI Magic