Pokemon VS Zombies 2015

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Published on: 2016/11/26



A game that makes a fusion between Pokemon and Plants Vs Zombies. (Right Link -> English Version. Um game que reune o que há de mais viciante nas franquias Plantas Vs Zumbis e Pokemon. (Link da Esquerda -> Versão em Português)
Pokemon VS Zombies 2015
Pokemon VS Zombies 2015
Pokemon VS Zombies 2015
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Codev Studio Profile (187 Gems) 2018-01-07

Very nice! A very innovative idea, congratulations: D

darwinthegrey (611 Gems) 2017-06-06

hahahahaha EPIC!

PainGames (777 Gems) 2017-06-04

Great job man, really fun and funny. xD

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