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Pocket Quest!

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Pocket Quest! is half way between a traditional #JRPG and board games such as Snakes and Ladders. What normally happens in a role-playing game then, is revisited to fit the mechanical properties of a game with boards, squares and dices to throw. ENGLISH VERSION FINALLY AVAILABLE! ENJOY IT!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
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Luis (7123 Gems)

it's easy and funny. I completed it. There are few stages, short but very good. I like the battle system and the minigames during the game. The pixel art is good and with so many cameos from old anime and other games. The last scene is epic. But no spoiler here

Helyees (465 Gems)


Marco Sacchetti (743 Gems)

avevo visto questo gioco con un sacco di medaglie e ho voluto provarlo. mi e' piaciuto molto lo stile e il genere molto originale. le animazioni sono straordinarie. sono al livello della caverna ma ho letto che gli scenari non sono molti e questo mi dispiace un po'. avrei voluto passarci tutto il periodo natalizio ma credo che lo finiro' questo weekend.

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Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
Pocket Quest!
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