Path of the Martyrs

8 Players - 4 Subscribers


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Published on: 2020/09/09


Rpg Maker MV

After the passing of the princess in the peaceful land of Delma, her retainer Saiyato Ichia goes to Lidoffad Lab. This lab houses many deadly foes and secrets within its walls. Will Saiyato be able to combat all the foes and revelations that come his way? #RPG #JRPG
Language: English  
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Path of the Martyrs
Path of the Martyrs
Path of the Martyrs
Comments (4)
Formatting Help 380
Gameda (Level 9) 2020-09-13
Not bad, but improve the description of your game.
Tails Strife (Level 11) 2020-09-12
I must reporting these bugs: when Stella asked you if you are ready for battle and you answer no her picture remain on screen 2 when you use double attack often doesn't appear the arrow commands
AngelStarStudio Profile (Level 7) 2020-09-10
Re-uploaded the game, everything works fine now. Thankyou for playing :)
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