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DiegoGramicciol Verified (Level 17) 2022-09-25
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! And I love pizza!
Solar (Level 10) 2022-09-23
I love this game! The Knight and the female ghost are very nice.
ThePresident (Level 9) 2020-11-08
All that I want is only a pizza. Lol
Loscar (Level 8) 2020-10-23
did you make also other games? Perfect pixel art, the game is very light and easy to play. Even if I don0t like so much to use the mouse in a game like thys
xtni (Level 8) 2020-08-27
I am so bad at these types of games X( ... but I hope the guy gets his pizza!
I enjoyed the game a lot - as far as I could get :)
Kira (Level 9) 2020-06-07
This game has a lot of medals
Lakaroth (Level 8) 2019-12-30
cool! i love the level design :)
VinGameStudio (Level 9) 2019-12-07
Il gioco è molto bello, stile retro'. Posso chiederti come si fa a caricare i video? Perché io non riesco
Gaarco (Level 6) 2019-11-11
It's really good, I'd like to see more interaction with the spirit!
kalindor (Level 13) 2019-09-17
I love the humour of this game! It's like gatsu and pack from berserk. Do you know it? I hope in a new episode! 5/5
TenTen92 (Level 10) 2019-09-13
Will you add new levels or a new episode?
Han (Level 8) 2019-07-18
I played when it was out on pc and it was very good. Now I tried to play it on mobile. It's impossible to solve also the first levels
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