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JawsOP (Level 9) 2019-11-09
It looks like a creepy game but it's not an horror game
Hellboy92 (Level 9) 2019-10-25
You never posted any news here. Is it going on? Any progress?
Myrkvidr (Level 9) 2019-10-03
this looks really great. love the trailer
lucyinthespace (Level 13) 2019-09-16
I saw the new design, I don't know but I prefer the old one. It's dark and creepy. I love it. The new one is too modern and for kids
DANILO MUMMOLO Profile (Level 10) 2019-07-27
Han (Level 7) 2019-07-18
It's like a deep dream
TheBeast (Level 10) 2019-07-10
great design. I'm very sad for your kickstarter experience. are you continuing it? any news?
GreenGolia (Level 8) 2019-07-02
how is it possible? you didn't pass kickstarter! Incredible! The artworks of this game are better then Limbo!
vinstriano Profile (Level 10) 2019-06-23
great grapihcs
Sekayo (Level 11) 2019-06-20
Paul Profile (Level 4) 2019-06-13
Great atmosphere
Minehendrix (Level 0) 2019-06-08
Ciao ragazzi :D Ho appena pubblicato un gameplay sul vostro gioco, devo dire che non mi divertivo così da un bel pò di tempo. Poi sapere che è italiano non fa altro che migliorare la cosa, spero che il progetto cresca ;)
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