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gamefive Verified (Level 14) 2021-04-10
good level design!!!
Reofloor (Level 10) 2021-03-31
Должен сказать, это очень мило.
Studio90 Verified (Level 8) 2021-02-01
Hey everyone, i just released a big content update of my game, please check it out and let me know what you think :)
onebullet55 (Level 10) 2021-01-20
Finally something new! Very good platform/puzzle game! I loved to play it online! Congratulation for your 2000 players!
Brim (Level 11) 2020-12-13
The design is very unique, but it works! Very good stages
LesGrossman (Level 12) 2020-12-12
So many players in so few time! Amazing!
ThePresident (Level 8) 2020-11-04
It's growing up very quickly!!!
Loscar (Level 8) 2020-10-23
not so easy! nice idea! great gameplay, nice artworks! Is there a gameplay on youtube?
franco999 (Level 13) 2020-10-20
Played and loved! Very nice! The level design is perfect and not so easy to do!
kalindor (Level 12) 2020-10-17
Not for mobile, but good
ronnye (Level 14) 2020-10-17
very good game with an original design. Just an html tip: add in the body text-align: center; so the game will be visible in the middle of the desktop
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