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vinstriano (Level 10) 2019-06-22
Cool game and cool pixelart
indiexpo Addons (Level 13) 2017-11-29
You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.
Click and Play!
shawyadventures (Level 6) 2017-04-24
Nice work! I think the camera needs some smoothing, it moves too fast imho
Sekayo (Level 12) 2017-04-24
Now you should do a game about the amazon drones hahahahahah!
the ugly truth (Level 11) 2017-03-10
Hahaha funny game! Completed
Serenityscorp (Level 4) 2017-01-15
Please Someone tells Me how this indiepad works?! I didnt see any QR code here
xX-Grove-Xx (Level 6) 2017-01-03
very nice to play it with the indiepad. no lags. So the main sprite is too small! funny the powers and the jumping dogs!
Mente77 (Level 8) 2017-01-03
hahahhaha it's very funny! But there's a bug! In the first part I can jump on a dog and go in the area where I should go only with the double jump... and he's blocked... so nice design!
Ofihombre (Level 11) 2017-01-03
The title of this postman game is contradictory. It seems that if you get power-ups while killing a bunch of angry rat-dogs, first the bazooka, second the double jump, third the weapon is more powerful, and lastly, quakes hit the ground.
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