NekoChan HERO NekoChan HERO Mengasoft - Cosimo Menga
Players: 63
Subscribers: 18

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Loscar (Level 8) 2020-10-23
completed. Even if I was waiting a final boss at the end of the last level
lovinggood (Level 5) 2020-10-11
where is the plot? where is the goal? why am I here? Is there a princess? is there a final boss? you should to add a reason to go on
Songoku (Level 9) 2020-08-21
The gravity is very low. You should improve the Shuriken design and animation. It doesn't spin. Add also a tail during the spin
Zachurrate (Level 6) 2020-08-20

YouTube Gameplay
Really enjoyed my time with this. Fun music, well catered level design, and an adorable hero. Love the shop mechanic and appreciate that the collectible coins have a practical in- game use. Excited for more updates.
Freank Verified (Level 15) 2020-08-03
I played this game the last weekend. Just one question: why still so few players?!?!? This game is very very good! I loved how you mixed the pixel art (with small animations, HUD, menù, etc.) with the 3D art. I like how you design the levels and I LOVED the last stage with the underwater area. Because you can play that level in two different ways! GREAT IDEA! I loved also the store and the veicle, great idea and mechanics! Just one tip, i think that the gravity is too low. Congratulations!
the ugly truth (Level 11) 2020-07-27
Easy and fast. Classic mechanics and good mapping and level design. This game will be very interesting with the next updates!
Marco Sacchetti (Level 10) 2020-07-20
Bel platform, veloce da giocare, grafica accattivante, meccaniche classiche. Forse un po' troppo classiche
Kiko90 (Level 9) 2020-07-20
Very nice design and a very cute character!
Tails_Strife Verified (Level 12) 2020-07-19
simpatica l'idea, sono curioso di vedere come continuerà il gioco...unico consiglio, metti un tutorial per i comandi perchè i blocchi laterali non ho capito come romperli e non riesco a fare il terzo livello
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