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Magnus C (1469 Gems)

Very nice! The design is perfect and also your pixel art! Great game. Even if it's too short. I hope to play soon a longer version

franco999 (2818 Gems)

Very fluid animations. Good idea and realization. No news about it? Are you continuing? When a new demo ?

TheBigShow (1388 Gems)

will you add new levels/stages? I don't undestand the end of the game. But how I can use the lights?

Naemo (305 Gems)

A little update. I would like to show you this video which bring an interesting feature in Naemo that I hope you like:


StepThaGamer (52 Gems)

Gave your game a go...pretty dope!

ScemEnzo Profile (512 Gems)

Pixel art, feedback sensation, mechanics and character's controls are excellent. A true gem

RealTidus (1784 Gems)

I follow! I hope to hear news soon!

Looks cool, keep it up!

wobblyfootgamer (45 Gems)

Great alpha. I thoroughly enjoyed it so here's the link to my walkthroughs. Enjoy

Part 1 Part 2

MagicOz (1158 Gems)

too short.

Ste Profile (1906 Gems)

An absolutely wonderful game.

Cpsoft Profile (2450 Gems)

The game looks awesome and the atmosphere it creates it's magical. I'm very curious to see how the game will evolve in the future!