My 8.5 Nightmares

142 Players - 15 Subscribers
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Published on: 2019/08/10



Continuing from where we left off in "My 7000 Nightmares", our ship is destroyed and we have no crew or supplies. Spooky's army continues to grow and we have to stop her, to make it worse all the horrors we captured previously have now been set free and we have to deal with them again.
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My 8.5 Nightmares
My 8.5 Nightmares
My 8.5 Nightmares
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cradth (Level 13) 2020-06-24
Do you have a plan to make an RPG or Scifi FPS game?
DiesIrae (Level 10) 2019-08-13
... always the same horror games? no news?
mazzutakgame (Level 13) 2019-08-11
congrats, i like your games, i'm not very skill with fps, but your games remember me half life style, for any release you improve your technics, i have download it and try, very good job sir ;-)
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