Murder Next Room Murder Next Room havenking
Players: 7

Pc white Download External link
Pc white Download External link

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Come watch the first Trailer of the game!

I uploaded the game to my google drive, but since the game gets updates often I recommend using the steam to playtest with friends.

Hi, I'm a solo developer and I've been working full time on developing my first game for some time and now as it's more stable I decided to open the Playtest and do a little marketing.
Murder Next Room is a multiplayer roleplaying game where you and other players are trapped in a place where a murder happened and one or more of them could be the killers. The police has been called but they're far away and will reach the location in the morning. In the mean time you can try to investigate who committed the murder, try survive the night or just hang out with the others. You can try to report the killer(s) but there is no guarantee that the phones will be working.
The focus of the game is to give the players complete freedom to do whatever they want in the match, with high interactivity with objects in the map, players will be able to carry out various secondary activities. Meanwhile, the killer will be able to use several game mechanics to eliminate the witnesses, among them, the mains one is the sabotage of electricity, water and telephone.

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