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Studio90 Verified (Level 8) 2021-02-02
Hey there, If you like cool games, you should try out this one! baby-goat-billy
Mayer (Level 9) 2020-12-18
I suggest to add as new tag also #retrogame
Loscar (Level 8) 2020-10-23
no copyright issues?
indiexpo Addons (Level 13) 2020-09-13
You can find this game also on our new extension / #addon on your own Browser.
- Chrome:
- Opera:
Click and Play!
flykidsblue1 (Level 10) 2020-08-02
looks really fun! However, the controls need to be worked upon
TheRoboZ Verified (Level 8) 2020-06-08
This was made in 6 days for random game jam 2020 #RNDGAME2020
LesGrossman (Level 12) 2020-06-08
I'm trying to play it on mobile, but I see the controls twice
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