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TheBigShow (1013 Gems)

i love your style! the font and the animations are perfect!

Amir (2845 Gems)

Amazing style!! And creepy plot!!

ronnye (1482 Gems)

Amazing Level Design, artwork and concept.

onebullet55 (1009 Gems)

the style is perfect and also the write's animation. the plot is good. Congratulations!

Karma (2528 Gems)

Are you working on new games? I love your style!

Haraya Games (65 Gems)

Nice graphics!

Karma (2528 Gems)

5 stars. Short but perfect! A very horror game. I like above all how you cured all the details of the game. From the font to the animation. Amazing. I hope to see soon new games made by you!!

VidEvage (15 Gems)

I enjoyed this for what it was worth. You did a good job making a short but decent little game.

Shavi (30 Gems) the twist

iamhere (2142 Gems)


IronMusk2 (747 Gems)

Only five minutes to complete it. But... i can't. :P I will try again. It's very dark and developed very well! The use of the animations and the draws. Congratulations! 5/5

NovoG (1217 Gems)

It looks very good!