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Mobius Vector

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Published on: 2017/01/01


Rpg Maker MV

A young cleric knight named Annabelle is certain she's the hero destined to save the world. The problem is, no one else seems to think so. Note: This game is made 100% with the default assets and plugins that come with RPG Maker MV. I'm making this as a test for myself to see just how far I can take the base engine.
Mobius Vector
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the ugly truth (2083 Gems)

Only one screen?

Staff (2996 Gems)

Try to add the #indiepad. If it's made with MV and use only Z,X, ESC and Arrows is very easy. You can edit the page and check "enable indiepad". So you and your players, can play it with the android app. :)

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