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Mirage Online Classic MMO

19 Players - 1 Subscribers

Retrelon Games LLC

Optimized for Mobile Phones
Mirage Online Classic is a free-to-play multi-platform retro MMORPG from the creators of 2001 landmark 2D MMO, Mirage Online. Level your character while exploring a vast world filled with 10+ quests, 13 skills, 500+ monster/items and mystery. Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends and become increasingly powerful in this fun MMORPG! #mmorpg #mmo
Language: English  
Mirage Online Classic MMO
Mirage Online Classic MMO
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JDL New (Level 0) 2021-02-18
Not only is this game full of bugs, but the administration selectively decides when to enforce the rules. Get insulted and want to respond? Chat restricted, but not the original person insulting you. In about 3 years this game might have a reasonable amount of content but at this point it's just a teaser to entice people to become patreons to further finance this garbage game.
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