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Mars Underground selected for PAX Aus Indie Showcase 2018!I'm proud to announce that "Mars Underground" has won a placement in the PAX Aus Indie Showcase for 2018. It's thrilling to see the game I've been working on for the last 3 years recognised at a major event like this.( will be showing the game at PAX Aus 2018, 26-28th October 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.The demo has just been updated too.

Mars Underground is currently on Kickstarter! Updated Demo 18-11-2016 -New menus -Black bars during dialogue -New graphics and tiles from Matt Beer -A new demo ending -Many fixes and improvements

Updated Demo 7-July-2016 -Can play through the entire day! -More locations. More things to do. More music. More everything. -Can travel on bus. Reach locations: Phobos City, Pac Street, Moloch Headquarters -Use of Jay’s VariableMix plugin for dynamic music crossfades -Removed icon pop-ups -Dialogue choices now use HMSChoiceDisplayMode -Note: Current web demo does not run well on mobile devices -Note: “Quit” crashes game in web demo

Updated 30 March 2016: -Shortened "default cycle" by removing most of the school section -Now using 16x16 tilesets -All events are now triggered by "player touch" -Graphics tweaks -Gameplay tweaks

UPDATED 19 March 2016: -Made improvements for touch devices -Enabled AdvancedMenus plugin by orlando -Moved all choice menus to centre of screen -Added descriptions to more items -Added poop and toilets... -Added more music -Added more sound effects -Improved sound levels mix -Various tweaks and improvements

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