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Mars Underground (Demo)

731 Players
Mars has just moved to a new city with his family. It's his first day at a new school. Except every day is his first day at a new school. Every morning Mars wakes up and relives the same day. Every night the world ends. This is an adventure/puzzle/exploration game. It has no combat.
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Mars Underground is currently on Kickstarter! Updated Demo 18-11-2016 -New menus -Black bars during dialogue -New graphics and tiles from Matt Beer -A new demo ending -Many fixes and improvements
Mars Underground (Demo)
Mars Underground (Demo)
Mars Underground (Demo)
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Step (1481 Gems) 2017-01-01

Will this demo always free ? Or do you want to remove it?

Step (1481 Gems) 2017-01-01

Me too!!

iamhere (2417 Gems) 2017-01-01

Supported on kick-starter !!

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Mars Underground (Demo)
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