Play MansterSoft 3-in-1 FunPak

MansterSoft 3-in-1 FunPak

399 Players - 4 Subscribers
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Published on: 2017/04/05



This pack contains two remastered MansterSoft classics and one brand-new game... DIG OR DIE: A Two-Player versus arena game with destructible walls and laser moles. CHIMP KNIFE FIGHT: A One-Player Turn-Based Fighting Game with Story, Versus, and Survival Modes. SNAIL PARTY: A Slow-Paced adventure game starring a Snail. #ASCII, #Text, #Adventure, #Fight
Language: English  
MansterSoft 3-in-1 FunPak
MansterSoft 3-in-1 FunPak
MansterSoft 3-in-1 FunPak
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