Magic the combine Magic the combine DiutiniGames
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gamefive Verified (Level 16) 2020-04-26
good game
gamefive Verified (Level 16) 2019-06-03
Celebrate Game Launch
TenTen92 (Level 10) 2019-04-16
the design is good, but I don't like the sprites used. what is it? pixel art? flat design? choice just one style.
CTGH (Level 10) 2019-04-08
Soulrender (Level 12) 2019-04-05
Pretty cool, quite interesting game.
Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2019-03-21
Will this be for android too? Looks like it could be.
gamefive Verified (Level 16) 2019-03-20
전투 시스템이 재미있음. 심플한 TCG를 하는 느낌 Funny battle system. Feels like a simple TCG. Good game
gamefive Verified (Level 16) 2019-03-20
꾸준한 업데이트를 기대하겠음 ^^
Reofloor (Level 10) 2019-03-20
I had the same problem. Screenshot

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Eugor (Level 15) 2019-03-20
I have a js error and then it doesn't work.
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