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Sekayo (1373 Gems)

nice plot!!

onebullet55 (1009 Gems)

Completed! wow. it's not so easy. The plot is amazing and the girl's voice is very cute! You have to do other episode!

Karma (2528 Gems)

Nice theme and nice arts! I've happened to see the developers working on this game for quite some time now... !

Branir Rocos (1324 Gems)

Nice work guys! Good luck for the jam! I hope to see soon also a sequel :) is it possible ?

Staff (1140 Gems)

The first 10 Minutes of Maggie's Grinning Soul!

Stre93 (1209 Gems)

Completed! Very good! Also with David Bowie cameo XD Nice voice and nice arts. Congratulations!

marnixvander (77 Gems)


geod_3 (1556 Gems)

short and nice! Very pro game! I wait a new case for Yolanda! :D

Zion (2380 Gems)

congratulation to the voice actors! A perfect job!

CapZero88 (1978 Gems)

is it a point and click game...?