Maggie's Grinning Soul Maggie's Grinning Soul
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Freank Profile (4271 Gems) 2018-04-10

oh, but the main character is inspired by Matthew McConaughey in #truedetective! Wow. Great work! The artist is so good! I hope to see new game @pox! Inspired by other #tvseries!

Luis (8746 Gems) 2018-01-21

Oh my god - I am so flashed about your game. I can’t belief but I had to give you best score I’ve given so far, deserved!

Fellowplayer Profile (22305 Gems) 2018-01-04

Good artwork in this game.

Sekayo (2655 Gems) 2017-04-24

nice plot!!

onebullet55 (1930 Gems) 2017-03-10

Completed! wow. it's not so easy. The plot is amazing and the girl's voice is very cute! You have to do other episode!

Karma (4169 Gems) 2017-01-04

Nice theme and nice arts! I've happened to see the developers working on this game for quite some time now... !

Branir Rocos (1324 Gems) 2016-12-30

Nice work guys! Good luck for the jam! I hope to see soon also a sequel :) is it possible ?

Staff (3056 Gems) 2016-12-30

The first 10 Minutes of Maggie's Grinning Soul!

Stre93 (2166 Gems) 2016-12-27

Completed! Very good! Also with David Bowie cameo XD Nice voice and nice arts. Congratulations!

marnixvander (77 Gems) 2016-12-20


geod_3 (1556 Gems) 2016-12-20

short and nice! Very pro game! I wait a new case for Yolanda! :D

Zion (3184 Gems) 2016-12-19

congratulation to the voice actors! A perfect job!

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