Maelstrom Obscura: Case 1 Maelstrom Obscura: Case 1
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JawsOP (Level 9) 2019-11-09

Not so bad

Slasher Profile (Level 4) 2019-10-27
Slasher Profile (Level 4) 2019-10-17

This is our Kickstarter Project Page for Maelstrom Obscura, in production.. Frequently updated.... Please help us by visiting.. Thank you..

TheBeast (Level 9) 2019-10-01

No more cases?

RockMith (Level 8) 2019-09-22

i want just to suggest you to replace your font with a pixelart font

franco999 (Level 10) 2019-09-18

Not so interesting

Kira (Level 7) 2019-09-10

Good ideas in this game. Probably the best part is the plot. Good luck

lucyinthespace (Level 12) 2019-09-09

An adventure game on Kickstarter? It's the first time that I see one

Slasher Profile (Level 4) 2019-09-08

We are looking to go Kickstarter to build six cases. We are asking for your support...

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