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When You fall you can stand back up. When you try to run, you can always walk by your friends. But always remember to believe, because I believe in you. Also: The game is based on Dolphin Island 2, the full-featured game will be released when all assets of dolphin island are changed, to avoid copyright. Controls: X: attack, Z:action and jump. Html5 still working progress.
**Cliff Hanger Update** What this update does/adds: 1. Another Harder and Better Level! 2. A cliff hanger and a Plot! 3. More than 2 jumps!
Mackenzie and the Eye
Mackenzie and the Eye
Mackenzie and the Eye
Comments (6)
the ugly truth (2043 Gems)
In popular games list?! The demo is very very short and no plot and no gameplay. Please.
RealTidus (1553 Gems)
holy crap. It's very short (two jumps and end), but looks very interesting! Please! Add more!!!
MagicOz (960 Gems)
Played. The mechanic is good... But add more! It remembes me sakis. You can find it also here. But your pixel art is cool. This can be a masterpiece of this website!
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