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Lazr Dev Log #40
Hey Everyone! This week was focused on contracts and airbikes.
Check it out:
YouTube Gameplay

Lazr Dev Log #39 - Fast Travel
Hey Everyone! This week a ton of work was done, check it out:

YouTube Gameplay

Dev Log #38
Hey Everyone!
Here's this week's dev log:
YouTube Gameplay

Hey Everybody!
This week was focused on improving the story spiral art, and linking up 3 new procedurally generated level types. Check out this week's progress!

YouTube Gameplay

Lazr Dev Log #36
Hey Everybody! It's been two weeks since my last update. I've been very busy. I've made a really cool video for you this week, covering all that was completed recently. Good news: the alpha is done! So, I'm working on the beta now, which backers will get to play. A few more months, and the beta should be done. I'm really excited to move into this phase, because it means I finally get to make new levels, new enemies, new bosses, and really expand the world of Lazr. It's a very exciting time, but it's also a very busy time, so I apologize for being a little late with this update. I think I'm going to move to updating every two weeks. This new schedule will give me more time to produce content and work on the game. So, in another two weeks I'll post the next update video, hopefully with some new content in it too! Alright, check out this video:

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Lazr Dev Log #35
Hey Everybody! This week was spent on getting the alpha ready. Here's a playthrough with developer commentary:
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Hey Everybody!
This week was super busy - I worked on the main story spiral and modeled a bunch of stuff in 3d. Here is this week's video:

YouTube Gameplay
It's really exciting to see the story spiral working, along with the level count. I think this will help players to understand the 'challenge' of Lazr much easier - beat all 99 levels. The rest of development will be creating these spiral levels with interesting level designs, enemies, and bosses, along with a story that ties it all together and interesting characters that change and evolve. Oh yeah, and cloth. ;)

Lazr Dev Log #33
Hey Everyone! This week was busy, airbikes were completed, vehicles were added, new soundfx as well. Lots of polish on the tank boss fight too, check it out -
YouTube Gameplay

Hey Everybody! This week I worked on airbikes, glitch transitions, editing a new trailer, and updating Check it out!
Dev Log #32:
YouTube Gameplay
Visit to see the updated site!

Lazr Dev Vlog #31 - The First 15 Minutes!
Hey Everybody! I've been working hard on Lazr's alpha.
Check out the first 15 minutes -
YouTube Gameplay

Lazr Dev Vlog #30
Hey Everybody!
This week I worked portraits, sound effects, dialog, and level design. This week's video is really good, in my opinion, and it really shows what Lazr is becoming. Check it out:

YouTube Gameplay

Lazr Dev Vlog #29
Hey Everyone!
This week I worked on portraits and the first cut scene. Check it out:

YouTube Gameplay

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