Lazr - A Clothformer Lazr - A Clothformer
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Pc white Linux white Osx white Download


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LesGrossman (Level 12) 2020-07-30
Very fluid animations. Probably the style is in pixelart but it was realised in 3d
BBads (Level 10) 2020-07-16
amazing updates! Continue to improve it! I'm loving your works!!
AmantoSekai (Level 3) 2020-07-15
It's really fun! Looking forward to play the full release of this game!
cradth (Level 13) 2020-06-25
I love the art style and animation in this game! Well done! :)
Coopa (Level 8) 2020-05-25
The neat animations is one of the coolest thing ever see!
masanobu91 (Level 7) 2020-05-12
I want to add pixelart to my game as well but i can't use it T_T I envy you so much!! Gorgeous pixelart!!! Still have to test the gameplay properly.
iamhere (Level 12) 2020-04-28
I loved how you mixed 3d effects and pixel art. Without a gamepad is not so easy to play it with the keyboard. Just few stages, but very interesting! I hope to see soon a new demo! 5/5
Drifterthorn (Level 6) 2020-04-22
This game is so good. I love the way it looks. It was so much fun to play and I love that you can have a dog.
YouTube Gameplay
Morningstar (Level 9) 2020-04-18
Congratulations @MrGrak ! This game is incredibly cool. I follow you also on twitter!
Paul Profile (Level 4) 2020-04-16
Cool idea
YouTube Gameplay
unRoboto (Level 8) 2020-03-25
Is it possible to use the "ghost-cat"?
Hellboy92 (Level 9) 2020-03-22
I played it all the day long. Just one tip: the controls for keyboard. They aren't so comfortable
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