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masanobu91 (Level 8) 2020-05-24
Really love the graphics and the loading screen!
jaco (Level 9) 2020-03-23
really cool graphics
kokko1G (Level 1) 2018-12-29
Step 1: LOAD "LAND OF ECODELIA",8,1 Step 2: RUN
Notzi81 (Level 1) 2018-12-15
To play the game, here's what you have to key in the first screen: 1)LOAD "$" ,8; 2)LIST; 3)LOAD "LAND OF ECODELIA" ,8,1; 4)RUN. That's it! Have fun!
leone25 Verified (Level 9) 2018-05-03
cool game, if i can manage to start that! I've se the command in the description and i've also got a real commodore 64 near me, but it woud be easyer to have something like LOAD "HELP", 8
Freank Verified (Level 15) 2017-11-28
Did anyone make a progress about this game?
Fry2 (Level 12) 2017-11-07
Did you note that in the episode of Mr.Robot eps2.6_succ3ss0r.p12 at 09:02 there's a picture with the same background of Land of Ecodelia? What means? It's not a coincidence
Marius (Level 14) 2017-11-01
Can anyone tell me how to solve it?
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2017-07-01
This game is in the video about the Top 3 Indie Games of June 2017

YouTube Gameplay
jhonatantp (Level 4) 2017-06-19
mano muito amelhorar ok mais ta ficando legal]
RealTidus (Level 12) 2017-06-15
So strange
CapZero88 (Level 12) 2017-06-14
How many lies have you told today? The image here is the telling point for me. Because his fingers are crossed, I can assume the answer ITSELF is a lie. So here, I assume '0'.
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