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RPG Player Contest!!! Win $100!

Do you think you are a great RPG player?! Time to prove it.

Killer Gin RPG Competition. Prize: $100.00 (USD) paid via PayPal. Time Frame: Nov 1st to Dec 4th

PC Download:

Mac and Linux Download from:

Browser Version:

Killer Gin Facebook Page:

Highest Score wins! The game will calculate your score based on the following: -Quests Completed: (x5 points) -Secrets Found: (x4 points) -Deepest Level Reached in Infinity Dungeon: (x1 points) -Highest Wave survived in Single Colosseum: (x1 points Easy difficulty) -Highest Wave survived in Team Colosseum: (x1 points Easy difficulty) -Party Good Deeds: (x3 points) -Party Evil Deeds: (x3 points) -All Party Likes: (x1 Points) -All Party Dislikes: (x1 Points) -Crops harvested: (x3 points) -Live Stock Mated: (x3 points) -Discovered Enemies: (x1 points) -Homestead Occupants: (x3 points)

No video necessary, just a screen shot proving the above emailed to

Each entry will be displayed on the official Killer Gin Facebook page. (Each entry consists of two screen shots)

When you finish the demo a new character will appear on the world map by Layhen. He will generate your score based on the above criteria. Your stats will then be displayed on the screen for you to take a screen shot.

In an event of a tie, the person who submitted their screen shot first will win.


Killer Gin Game Jam!!! Prize: $100.00 (USD) (Paid through PayPal) Version: Next version releasing soon. Duration: 1 month, starting Oct 12. What do you think? Which should I select for the Contest. I am up for suggestions. 1) Best "Let's Play" videos of Killer Gin 2) Player who treks the deepest into the Infinite Dungeon. 3) Player who completes the games with the most side quests and secrets discovered. 4) Add your suggestions in the comments. Please let me know what you think.


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Championship Edition PATCHED) (8.23.18)

Homestead 0.2.5 - Added Assassins Creed Dispatch Missions! - Added Battle intros for all characters (situational) - Fixed a couple bugs, updated a couple things. - and much more!

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Championship Edition) (8.17.18) Homestead 0.2.5 - Main Story Extended and new areas unlocked. - Activities and dates for 22+ datable characters - 122+ New skills and 2 New Character classes. - New features like Enemy Book and Item Book - Tons of updates and fixes - and Much more!

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Championship Edition) (8.17.18) Homestead 0.2.5



Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (B) (Animation!) (7.5.18) Homestead 0.2.4 - Massive Animation Update! - Torches, Mining, Digging, Lumber Jacking, etc. Animations now included!
 - More of the game unlocked for you to explore (5-10+ more hrs)! - Cheat Menu unlocked! (Infinite HP, MP, Hunger, Sleep, etc) - Weapon, Armor, Item Spawner now included! - Text Text, Item drops are now Represented by icons!
 - Experimenting with new style of text representation! - Text Log now included! - New Quests! - Fixes and Updates to characters! - And much more. 
PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddiee


Killer Gin is going to be at PAX East in Boston MA, 4/8/18!! PS: Killer Gin has been updated! (available now) lol Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Simplified V2) Homestead 0.2.4 - Updates to make game more accessible and simplified. - All characters start with better equipment. - Second scene of Enemy Camp no longer causes party to retreat when caught. - Fish no longer poison when eaten raw. (Making fishing even better) - Nurock starts with alchemy skill. - Updated skills and items - And much more. Kickstarter Link: PC Demo Link:…/…/2018/04/ Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Simplified V1) Homestead 0.2.4 - Game engine updated: Faster and smoother - Updated HUD (V2) - Item tiers have been removed - Difficulty Slider Added! - New skills - Added ability to dismiss resources in Homestead - Fixed Homestead Colosseum - Various updates and fixes 
Kickstarter Link: 
PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


The Killer Gin Kickstarter has Launched!!! Please take a look and let me know what you think. Feel free to share with anyone that may enjoy old school RPG's. Link: PS: Killer Gin Updated! Version 0.9.9 Released!! #killergin #kickstarter


Killer Gin Kickstarter Trailer!


I just submitted the Kickstarter rough draft for review! Once the trailer is complete, It will go live! PS A new updated version is coming soon!


Killer Gin Update 0.9.8(D) Homestead 0.2.4

PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie

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