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Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (B) (Animation!) (7.5.18) Homestead 0.2.4 - Massive Animation Update! - Torches, Mining, Digging, Lumber Jacking, etc. Animations now included!
 - More of the game unlocked for you to explore (5-10+ more hrs)! - Cheat Menu unlocked! (Infinite HP, MP, Hunger, Sleep, etc) - Weapon, Armor, Item Spawner now included! - Text Text, Item drops are now Represented by icons!
 - Experimenting with new style of text representation! - Text Log now included! - New Quests! - Fixes and Updates to characters! - And much more. 
PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddiee


Killer Gin is going to be at PAX East in Boston MA, 4/8/18!! PS: Killer Gin has been updated! (available now) lol Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Simplified V2) Homestead 0.2.4 - Updates to make game more accessible and simplified. - All characters start with better equipment. - Second scene of Enemy Camp no longer causes party to retreat when caught. - Fish no longer poison when eaten raw. (Making fishing even better) - Nurock starts with alchemy skill. - Updated skills and items - And much more. Kickstarter Link: PC Demo Link:…/…/2018/04/ Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.9 (Simplified V1) Homestead 0.2.4 - Game engine updated: Faster and smoother - Updated HUD (V2) - Item tiers have been removed - Difficulty Slider Added! - New skills - Added ability to dismiss resources in Homestead - Fixed Homestead Colosseum - Various updates and fixes 
Kickstarter Link: 
PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


The Killer Gin Kickstarter has Launched!!! Please take a look and let me know what you think. Feel free to share with anyone that may enjoy old school RPG's. Link: PS: Killer Gin Updated! Version 0.9.9 Released!! #killergin #kickstarter


Killer Gin Kickstarter Trailer!


I just submitted the Kickstarter rough draft for review! Once the trailer is complete, It will go live! PS A new updated version is coming soon!


Killer Gin Update 0.9.8(D) Homestead 0.2.4

PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Update 0.9.8(C) Homestead 0.2.4 - Hunger System Greatly Improved (Eating meals when at full health) - Updated Game Dialogue - Updated some skills (Taunts are improved) - Updated graphics here and there. - Corrected a glitch here and there.

PC Demo Link:

Can’t wait to hear back from you ~Freddie


Killer Gin Live Twitch Stream! Feb 15th @5pm Eastern Standard Time. (2/15/18)

A streamer has contacted me and asked if he could have the honor of Streaming Killer Gin. I said of course, would be awesome!

So please tune in and check him out!

contagiousbear Twitch Link: (I dont think links work so please just search for contagiousbear on twitch 2/15/18 at 5pm EST)


Killer Gin Update 0.9.8(B2) Homestead 0.2.4 - Created a new Inn! - Created bed quality game mechanic - Fixed Mini-map Bug
 - Fixed Infinity Dungeon Spawns (Exits, Death, Treasure Goblin) - Fixed Leaving Homestead mode Bug

Regards, Freddie


New Killer Gin Demo Out Now! (MASSIVE UPDATE)

Killer Gin Update 0.9.8 Homestead 0.2.4 - Brand New UI!! - Demo is 3x bigger!
 - 100’s of hours of updates and polish.
- New characters and skills - Gordo greatly improved! - Homestead: Pets don’t s*ck anymore. - Homestead: Livestock and crop # indicators. - Tons of fixes to database - New Player classes. - And Lots more!

Regards, Freddie


-- UPDATE -- (GAME IN TEST MODE FOR NEW UI )So far so good! The browser version is working great! (Never mind the red hit boxes for now, thank you) lol.

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