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Killer Gin Version 1.0.2 (A) (Big Homestead Update)
- Aging objects like crops and livestock in homestead fixed.
- Made lights work great with pet banter (they talk!)
- All characters correctly spawn in their beds at night
- Fixed Jovi special game crash (face missing!)
- Fixed Jovi skills (party specials)
- Fixed a few game maps
- and MORE!



PS: If you want to test Homestead with 30+ characters unlocked, contact me for the cheat code, FB, Discord, etc.
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Killer Gin Updated!
Killer Gin Version 1.0.2 (Big Homestead Update)
- Shrunk the size of the game! From 1.2 gigs to 720 MB! 
- Added last of missing VA (2,200 files 4,500 voice acted lines. 40+ VAs)
- Finished integrating the 6 new homestead characters
- Completely reworked how the game handles spawning in Homestead
- Created new item so you can summon any homestead character to your map
- Created item so you can give whole party AP

- Added a bunch more save points to make the game a bit more forgiving
- Fixed Library book game crash, also expanded dwarf library
- New Quests, Items, and Skills!
- and much more!

PS: If you want to test Homestead with 30+ characters unlocked, contact me for the cheat code, FB, Discord, etc.
Killer Gin STEAM Link:

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I love receiving emails from fans! Please keep them coming. I welcome constructive criticism. I will continue to work hard to update, patch, and improve KG!
"My name is Patrick, and I am an avid video game player especially RPG games. I want to say that I enjoyed playing your game Killer Gin. It was one of the most interesting games I played using the RPG Maker genre, and there were a lot of stuff involved to make this game captivating and playable."
Killer Gin is 100% done, over 50+ hrs long RPG:
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Youtube has presented Bradley William, an award for surpassing 1 million subscribers for his work as Combo Panda!
Bradley Voices Gordo, Jovi, and Snoopz in Killer Gin!!! (He now has 1.5 million+ subscribers!)
Combo Panda:
Gordo sure is proud of you Bradley!

The Final Version of Killer Gin has been Released!!!!
Version 1.0, now available on STEAM!
Thank you soooo much, I could NOT have done it with you! I deeply appreciate everything you have done for me! You have elevated Killer Gin to the next level!
I know there is a bit more business to wrap up, so please DM if you have anything to say/want to be added to the killer gin web site:
Killer Gin Version 1.0 (First official Finished Release)
Killer Gin STEAM Link:
Killer Gin is an old school 50+ hr Epic Fantasy RPG!
I would greatly appreciate it if you could share Killer Gin with all your fans on your social media platforms.
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Game: Killer Gin
Release Date: Sunday, October 25th!
The release of Killer Gin is fast approaching! After nearly 5 years of development, Killer Gin is nearly complete and ready for the old school RPG enthusiast to enjoy!
It has been an incredible journey and I would love to thank everyone who made this possible. I always planned my first game to be an Epic Fantasy JRPG and here it is! Admittedly creating a RPG as your first game is never advised (so MUCH WORK!) but it's a game I always wanted to bring into existence and the day is fast approaching.
If you want to learn more about Killer Gin, please visit:
Have a wonderful day!
Killer Gin will Launch Sunday, October 25th!
- 1,000s of new voice acted lines added.
- Updated game difficulty!
- Updated Light Mechanics
- Tons of new items, equipment, etc.
- Updated Homestead
- Updated Fishing Mechanics
- and much More!
New Killer Gin Theme Song:

YouTube Gameplay

Killer Gin Updated!
- Lighting + Weather improved
- Updated Graphics
- Over 1,000+ Voice acted lines added
- Star Shift Quest Updated
- And much more!
One last update before the final version.
The final version should be ready in 1 week.
Killer Gin website:
(A page from the KG Manga WIP)
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Killer Gin STEAM (0.9.5)! MV Nova Lighting!!
- Updated lighting system
- Added VA to scenes
- Updated Dargor Quest

Killer Gin should be finished the the end of the month!

Thank you for being so patient!

~ Freddie

I have more surprises for you!
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam See Less

Killer Gin Updated!
Killer Gin STEAM V26 (0.9.0 Gin Oracle?!) (7/1/20)
- Expanded Main RPG Story, an oracle appears!
- Many cutscenes added/updated! (Art and dialogue)
- New Game mechanics and maps
- and Much more
(Massive surprise in the works! Coming soon!)
If you are interested in testing the ending send me a message on FB or discord, you need a code to unlock it.
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

The Gin hunters are a religious organization who believe that the Gin are the cause of the evil that has befallen the world.
Using special gems the Hunters absorb the power of the Gin and use it to carry out the racial extermination of the Gin.
Killer Gin Updated!
Killer Gin STEAM V24 (0.8.8 A Gin Hunters!) (6/1/20)
Added New Gin Hunter Scenes
New Infinity Dungeon STEAM achievement added
New weather effects/mechanics added
Infinity Dungeon updated (Infected buff added to game)
#killergin #Indiegame #kickstarter #rpg #voiceacting #steam

I just wanted to say congratulations to Donovan Claymore for winning the Infinite Dungeon Contest! He surpassed everyone by about 30 levels! He truly got some RPG skills.
Now the STEAM Achievement will be set to 121 levels which his character will challenge all players to beat within the game. This will be included in the next game update!
(Note: This was a singular save file designed to set the record for the infinite dungeon competition. His first play-through of KG is 64 hrs and counting.)
#killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

Killer Gin has surpassed 2,000+ followers!
Thank you so much for your continued support!
Very soon the main story line will be complete, the end is in sight!
Once all the art is complete for the game, the KG Manga will begin development. I cannot wait to share scenes from the Manga (this will be much darker and grittier than the game).
Anyways your continued support means the world to me and I am incredibly thankful and appreciative, you rock!
Facebook Link:
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